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At eg., the chicken comes first.
the chicken comes first.

The chicken comes first.

For so long the egg industry has been dominated by the egg but we’re turning this around, the real hero of the egg industry is the chicken! We are working hard every day to lead by example and show the world that when the chicken comes first they can lovingly lay the perfect egg!

Our hens lay perfect eggs.

The quality of an egg is a direct reflection of the life of the hen who laid it. Our hens live a life designed to exceed their every need and this is reflected in the eggs they lay. Ones with strong shells, thick whites, and the most vibrant yolk you've ever seen!

Have you seen us yet?

Keep an eye out for the black and yellow labels on a shelf near you.

Our Mission

You know that age old question, what comes first the chicken or the egg - the answer was a no brainer for us,

The chicken comes first

Right from day 1 we have been working hard to lead by example and pave a sustainable future for egg farming in New Zealand. Challenging the ordinary, we hope to inspire others and create meaningful change for hens everywhere.

Leading by Example

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